About Advanced Home Improvement

A uniquely satisfying experience.

Our History

Established in 2010.

We hold “open houses” at our projects so our customers can see the quality of our work and hear directly from our customers. If you can’t make it to a completed project, at our first In-Home Consultation we provide a list references for your review.

Advanced Home Improvement is an expert in home remodeling.

Home Improvement

If you are ready to make some improvements to your home, you are making a wise investment. Home improvements, repairs, and upgrades can considerably increase your home’s resale value, as well as enhance its curb appeal to prospective buyers. If you are planning on retiring in your home or if you’re considering selling in the near future, there’s no better time to boost the value of your home now. Many homeowners are considering remodeling/improving their home to “go green” and most importantly to conserve energy. The possibilities are endless and we hope you will allow Advanced Home Improvement, Inc. the opportunity to work with you on that next home improvement project.

Our Story

Bay Area home-grown and family-owned! Advanced Home Improvement’s owner, Sheryl Kanzaki, (you read that right, a female contractor) is ready and willing to go above and beyond to help you reach your home’s fullest potential. For the past decade, ADVHI has grown from a small business to a booming empire that has recently moved to a larger showroom that not only showcases some of the incredible products we sell but help immerse customers in the wonders of home improvement. Throughout our years in Campbell, ADVHI has made it our mission to continue with avid attention to detail and a dedicated work ethic that trickles down to each employee.  It is guaranteed that you will achieve the results you are looking for, whether your project is a simple exterior paint upgrade or a whole house remodel, Sheryl and our team have the experience to help you navigate the arduous task of any remodel with ease.


Our Process


On-Site Consultant

The designer will meet you at your home, they will assess the scope of the project as you describe your vision to them.

Baths Project

Estimate Review Appointment

An appointment will be set up to meet back with the designer at our showroom, there they will go over the pricing and renderings we have made for you.

Design Phase

Once the contract has been signed, the fun begins! With a designer, you will have the opportunity to look at a variety of samples and examples to help you achieve the style you are looking for.

Design Phase Process

Final Walk Through

Once construction is finished and all materials have been installed it is time for the final walk through.

Kitchens Projects

Our Quality Guarantee

Advanced Home Improvement takes pride in every step we take during your home improvement process.  Making any changes to your home can be a difficult and stressful time but we make sure that you and your home are well taken care of.  With years of experience in the industry and with our attentive design team, diligent project manager, and experienced field staff, we are able to help our customer enhance their dream home.