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About Us

Our History

Established in 2010.

We hold “open houses” at our projects so our customers can see the quality of our work and hear directly from our customers. Call us for a listing of customers and reviews. We are happy to email it out to you.

Home Improvement

If you are ready to make some improvements to your home, you are making a wise investment. Home improvements, repairs, and upgrades can considerably increase your home’s resale value, as well as enhance its curb appeal to prospective buyers. If you are planning on retiring in your home or if you’re considering selling in the near future, there’s no better time to boost the value of your home. Many homeowners are considering remodeling/improving your home to “go green” and most importantly to conserve energy. The possibilities are endless and we hope you will allow Advanced Home Improvement, Inc. the opportunity to work with you on that next home improvement project.

Kitchen Remodel
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